Club Rules and Guidance

Below you will find the current FMFC “Welcome to the Club” Rules and some guidance. We prefer not to introduce multiple rules but promote best practices and guidance to follow. Of course if you as a member become a danger to other members, then the Committee will consider if any action should be taken in accordance with the clubs constitution. Please also consider the information held on the “Safety Guidelines” page held in this website.


FMFC Rules

Grass Cutting Guidance for Keyholders

Safety Book Abbreviated

Field Upgrade – New Guidelines from 2018.

Following the strip being fully operational new guidance will be introduced to safeguard the changes to the new flying airspace (these will follow as agreed by the committee).

A recent addition to the clubs facilities is a Start up bench. Below are the guidelines for using this.

  • Unclip the tarpaulin cover carefully.

  • If you are alone the bench can be left where it is as there are no others in front starting planes.

  • If there are others the bench should be lifted (by two people) from each side, out to the flight line.

  • There is an extension to allow larger models on the bench lift  up  and put in place carefully.

  • Put away the bench, ensure its properly covered up to keep the animals and elements away.

N.B. Remember once you start your engine go round the bench behind the prop remove your glow starter then lift your plane from the starting bench, once started retreat immediately to behind the prop. Never lean over a running engine to remove a glow starter from the front !!