Beginners and Training

Starting to fly (Fixed Wing – Aeroplanes)

On joining the club you may not have much experience in flying or modelling. Model building and electronics can be tricky but once you have a model ready to fly what do you do. The best way is to first test your model and make sure its safe to fly (see “Safety Guidelines” and “Club Rules and Guidance” pages) then ask a more experienced flyer or the FMFC Safety Officer to give your model a maiden flight.


Next is to either Buddy box up your plane (use two transmitters) or fly another plane which has a buddy box system, this allows the model to be easily switched back and forth between trainee and trainer so the model is always under control. Once you master flying circuits, take off and landing then your all set to fly solo.

The club has a new Trainer that is great to fly, powered by a 46 Nitro OS engine. It uses a  Spektrum DX6   with a wireless buddy box system, once members are a little more experienced then your welcome to a flight on the days its at the field (and the pre-arranged training days).

How to gain a Certificate.

The intention for each club member is to then work towards a certificate these fall in to the categories, Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver and Gold. some clubs hold Training and Testing weekends and you can go along and learn the manoeuvres and sit the tests. FMFC does not hold these weekends as such, however we are in touch with a qualified examiner from West Calder Aeromodellers who is happy to run one day events for members who wish to attain the first level of Bronze certification. If you are interested then email or contact the club to be added to the training day list, once we have 5 members or more interested an event will be arranged.

Bronze Fixed Wing

Bronze Video West Calder

Silver Video West Calder

In 2018 Gordon McLaren and Davey Laurie passed their Bronze at Falkirk, thanks to Tom Laird the clubs examiner for arranging a Training and Testing day in June.

A second Training and Testing day has now been scheduled for 11th August 2018.

Below is Paul and Derek from FMFC who passed Bronzes at West Calder (Aug 2017).


Starting to fly (Helicopters)

Of course Helicopters are fun, but a bit more involved. The building and setting up of both electric or gas powered (nitro) Helicopters needs careful study and interpretation of manuals and YouTube videos. There are many small parts that all need to be assembled correctly. The setting up Transmitters for CCPM, ECCPM, swash mixing, gyro gain and also more modern setups of Flybarless systems is complicated and you don’t want to damage your model before its first flight. You can assemble and build your Helicopter and attempt to fly this alone, but this is highly not recommended. Join a club and get some help so you and your Helicopter are safe from any harm.

Heli Bronze


Flight Simulators  (Modellers Best Friend)

There are a  number of Flight Simulators available for free and also to buy. These rely on your PC specifications and also whether you have bought a Flight Transmitter or wish one to come with the Simulator package. These really help you learn to fly so, go buy a Simulator, the popular ones are Realflight and Pheonix.