Future Projects

Below are the current projects being looked at in the near future if you feel you wish to help or can provide funds, materials or time then contact the Project organisers.

  • There is currently a plan to cut down and treat the rushes in the flying field to keep back their spread through out the field. The animals in the field need to be out of the area for two weeks it is envisaged that this will be done when weather conditions improve early 2018.

Project organiser – Garry Barr

  • A new gate is to be installed since the old one is now not fit for purpose, hopefully by the end of 2018.


Project organiser(s) – Garry Barr / Alex Munro

  • A new bag of soil for hole filling was delivered on 21st June 2017 many thanks to Garry for organising this.


Project organiser – Garry Barr

  • Strimming of the rushes around the strip area to tidy up the field, more strimming is planned for 2018.

Project organiser – Arty Fisher

  • Constructing (done) and seeking permission (agreed) for one starting bench for the field (see Club Rules and Guidance on how this is to be used).This project is complete, the bench is at the field.


Plans below for Building

RC Restraint Bench

Project organiser – Arty Fisher

  • Repairing the Styles – Two of the current (three) styles have been repaired with a view to possibly repairing or removing the last one beside the gate.

Project Organiser – Alex Munro

  • New Shed 2018 – The shed we currently have does not allow for the storing of anything apart from the grass cutter and some fencing. It is planned to buy a new longer shed to allow storage of such items as grass cutters, strimmer’s, fencing and Event tents/Gazebo’s. The funding for a new shed still needs to be agreed/discussed or maybe someone has a shed we can use. The new shed depends on checking with Geordie and funding in 2018. There is to be a motion (proposed by the committee) at the 2017 AGM this year where the members will be asked to show their support for the spending of club funds for these types of improvements in 2018.

Sheds pic

Project Organiser – TBC

  • Event Tents 2018 – If we are to hold an event then we need to erect appropriate shelter for spectators, planes and the BBQ. Once we have a place to store tents e.g. a new shed we can use the club Transmitter tent and a Gazebo (Originally Dave MacLeod’s / thanks Dave), allowing a good amount of protection from the weather if we hold an event, Alex also has a tent he uses for the BBQ. We can also consider buying further event tents in future if required, once we have somewhere to store things.

Tents Pic

  • Cross Strip and Field 2018 – (on hold pending the fencing project)

  • Fencing Project 2018

We have now been given the go ahead for a fence for the flying field coming in March 2018.

Field Final 2017 v2

Fencing type Pic

Project Organiser – TBC