Events, Weekly and Future

Members meet most weekends Saturday/Sunday and usually on Wednesdays evenings after 6pm. There is also the “one o’clock club” this consists of members who stay nearby, since we can fly at the field 24hrs members can be found (weather permitting) usually from one pm onwards most days.


Indoor Flying – On Thursdays at 12pm till 4pm there is indoor flying at Bonny Bridge. The fees for the year are £12.00 paid in September and there may be a concession for those over 65. The flying takes place at the Bonny Bridge Community Education Association Hall Tel : 01324 503290.

img_7412-1Bonny Bridge

A list of all the main Club Events can be found on the

SAA website

New SAA Events Page

The John Wilson Open Scale Fly In Sunday 5th May 2019.Capture11

FMFC Mid Summer Fly in is to be held on Wednesday 19th June 2019. The Club winner of this Fly In is rewarded with the John Harling Trophy (see below) for best flight. Due to weather conditions this award will be made shortly.


The FMFC Summer fly in is to be held on Sunday 4th August 2019. There are two trophies up for winning by club members, The Brian Johnston Memorial Cup and The Joe McLeish Shield (see below) for best IC and best Electric flight/plane.

IMG_6878                           img_7130

Well done to the 2018 winners, Peter, Charlie and Colin.


The 2017 winners were, 3D Graeme, Robert Boyd and Graham Hathaway.



In August each year the farm where we fly holds a trotting/racing event and there is no flying. 2019 dates are Friday 16th (members models are restricted to the flying field only, no flying in the hay fields or over any visitors setting up this event), 17th and 18th August 2019, no flying at all, Monday 19th (members models are restricted to the flying field only, no flying in the hay fields or over any visitors setting up this event).

Training and Testing events can be arranged for members, the next FMFC one has not been scheduled for 2019 (at 10.30am). If you are interested then let the committee know through the contact page. Once we have 5 or more members wishing to achieve a Bronze/Silver/Gold Certificate (or train for these) events will be planned and advertised. We currently have two examiners in the club Tom Laird and Colin Thomson and we have two Nitro IC trainers with buddy boxes.

Also see the SAA website for other club training and testing weekends that are available for FMFC members to attend.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club is held in November. The AGM meeting usually takes place at

Greenpark Community Centre

in Polmont from 7pm to 9pm the 2018 AGM will take place on Wednesday 21st Nov 2018. At this meeting an award is given by the Chairman in memory of  Jim Tait a former Secretary of the club to a member who has contributed most to the club in the year, the 2017 award was awarded to Alex Munro for all his work in maintaining the field, committee work and running the BBQ.


Winter meetings are held from October to March and are for members to get together, various talks can be given by experienced builders/flyers or videos clips from the previous years flying. This year we may also incorporate a bring and buy night and a simulator night. These meetings are normally on a Wednesday and take place at

Greenpark Community Centre

in Polmont from 7pm to 9pm this years dates are,

  • 17th Oct 2018 – Bring and Buy/Give-away.

  • 12th Dec 2018 – To Be Decided.

  • 16th Jan 2019 – Simulator Night.

  • 20th Feb 2019 – Video Night or Club website/safety talk and quiz.

  • 20th Mar 2019 – Winter Build Competition.

The last winter meeting in March is the FMFC Winter Build Competition, where models that have been built in the winter months are ready to fly. There are two trophies one for ARTF Models the Robert Boyd cup and one for Scratch Builds the Peter Taylor Rose bowl (see below).

 Below are the 2018 winners Craig, Robert and Danny.

 Below are the 2017 winners Davy, John and Alan.

N.B If you are awarded with a trophy please have your name engraved and the Club will reimburse you for the cost (receipt to the Treasurer). Trophies should be returned to the Committee in plenty of time, before the following years event takes place.