Club Constitution

There are currently two amendments to be introduced at the 2018 AGM see below.

Constitutional Amendments for 2018 AGM


CONSTITUTION 2003 – 2018

  1. The club will be known as Falkirk Model Flying Club.

  2. The aim of the Falkirk Model Flying Club is to promote the sport of construction and safe, enjoyable flying of model aircraft. We aim to encourage the development of social skills by the interaction of members within a wide range of age groups and varied backgrounds.

  3. The objectives of the Falkirk Model Flying Club are, to encourage all branches of aero modeling for the benefit of all sections of the district community – Opposing inequality in any form.

To educate members in the safe practice of the sport, to encourage members to gain DIY skills in the construction of model aircraft, to promote the understanding of aeronautical engineering and aerodynamics and to encourage personal development by following a structured course of disciplined achievements with graded awards.

  1. Membership is open to all interested applicants regardless of age, sex, colour or religion. Membership grades are senior and junior [under 18]. The committee reserve the right to refuse membership of the club.

  2. The club committee shall consist of.

i. Chairman

ii. Secretary

iii. Treasurer

iv. Safety Officer

v. Up to 5 Committee Members.

All the above posts shall come up for election annually at the AGM . The committee can co-opt a member onto the committee for administration or advisory purposes provided the committee is in full agreement.

The committee shall be solely responsible for the procurement of flying sites and their retention, and arrange the policy of the club and make decisions for its welfare, safety and successful operation, including the administration and termination of membership. Individual members cannot commit the club to any action without first gaining the approval of the committee. The Chairman, Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary shall, ex officio, be trustees to hold any property held by the club. Rules may only be amended at an AGM or an EGM with the exception of safety rules which can amended at anytime by the committee.

  1. The AGM will be held in November of each year at which time a statement of accounts will be made and, if required, fee adjustments be made. These will come into effect as from the following January. Annual accounts will be subject to an internal audit by two non committee members.

  2. The clubs financial year shall run from 1st November until October 31st and the committee will have the power to obtain, collect and receive funds by means of contributions, donations, subscriptions and the sale of donated goods. The income of the club shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects as set forth in clause 2 and no portion shall be paid or transferred directly or otherwise to the profit of any club member. The payment in good faith of reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses to any member; officer or servant of the club can be authorised by the committee. All bank accounts shall be opened in the clubs name with all cheques being signed by two honorary officers.

  3. Any proposed changes to the constitution must be notified to the committee in writing at least four weeks before the AGM The constitution shall not be altered without the approval of two thirds of those present and voting at an Annual or Special meeting.

  4. If for any reason the club is disbanded any money or assets of the club shall go to charity with the exception of any money due to any member of the club or any outstanding accounts .

  5. The club shall be affiliated to the SAA and recommend its members join the SAA.

  6. Non members of the SAA must produce prove of insurance to the satisfaction of the committee.

  7. All members must fly safely in accordance with the rules of the SAA safety manual and obey Council bye-laws and club rules.

  8. Any member can invite a guest but proof of insurance and also bronze certificate flying standard will be required. Any member who invites a guest is responsible for their conduct. Group and inter club invitations must be dealt with by the committee.

  9. The committee will have the right to expel any member for gross infringements of the safety rules or the club rules also for verbal or physical abuse or bringing the club into disrepute etc.

  10. Appeals Should any member disagree with any course of action taken by the committee they have the right to attend part of the next committee meeting to express their views for discussion. If any complaint is made against a member, they must be given the opportunity to state their case before disciplinary action is discussed.

  11. Laws of the club. A copy of the club Rules and Bye-Laws shall be provided for every member. These rules shall be binding on every member until set aside by a General Meeting or by the committee.

  12. Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

i.Club will adopt and follow as far as practicable the SAA Child Protection Policy.

ii.Parent/Guardians of under 18’s are responsible for arranging suitable supervision.

iii.The Club will appoint a Welfare Officer to act as a focal point for Child Protection Issues.

iv.All members and Parent/Guardian of under 18’s agree to follow the Club’s “Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy” by accepting membership of the Club.

v.Parents and Guardians should note that FMFC allows the use of photographic equipment at the flying field and Photographs of models which may inadvertently include your child may be taken.

Child Protection

What do I need to do as a Club Member?

◦Report incidents/allegations to the Club. (but you would do that anyway).

◦Avoid inappropriate contact – physical or otherwise. (but you would do that anyway?).

◦ Avoid being alone (even if you’re certified). (but you would do that anyway?).

◦Don’t take a child alone to your home. (even if it’s to fix that model).

◦Avoid unsuitable ‘Adult’ conversations

◦Read the SAA Guide (new)

◦Think about putting yourself forwards for Vetting. (New and optional)

What do I need to do as a Parent/Guardian?

◦Be aware that our club “today” has no-one vetted for Child Protection for Aeromodelling.

◦You are responsible for arranging suitable supervision (see constitution rule 17). This can include qualified (i.e. vetted members subject to their agreement).

◦Read the SAA Guide

What do I need to do as an Office Bearer/Committee Member?

◦For an incident, follow the escalation process as in the SAA Guide

◦Monitor any occurrences of under 18’s/Vulnerable Adults not having suitable supervision – remind them of the ‘rules’.

Finally don’t forget Common Sense:

◦Do restrain a child to stop an accident with a propeller.

◦A hand on the shoulder to help guide them back to the pilot’s area after a take-off.

◦If you are left alone with a Child, then do make sure that they get home safely.

◦At all times ‘Think Safety’


(Amendment to the Constitution was made to section 5.v. at the 2017 AGM)